This is a general listing of resourceful sites and organizations for political and community change.
Jennifer Lawrence Teaches Students How Government Really Works

Jennifer Lawrence Teaches Students How Government Really Works

Jennifer Lawrence Teaches Students How Government Really Works

Progressive ResourcesEdit

    • DFA aims to support progressive candidates with guidance, exposure, and especially resources such as political and advocacy training videos and a nationwide network of volunteers.

    • These training videos on how to run a successful, people powered campaign, be it for a specific candidate or a general issue.

    • Many such videos are available on their YouTube channel.

  • ===Brand New Congress
    • One of the most powerful nationwide organizations with over 500 local chapters, Our Revolution is a massive network of grassroots volunteers and staff who seek to endorse, support, and provide resources for Progressive candidates, as well as coordinate with other organizations in order to ensure effectiveness of the grassroots movement.

  • ===Political Revolution
    • Similar to Our Revolution but less formal.

      How to Fix America's Corrupt Political System

      How to Fix America's Corrupt Political System

      How to Fix America's Corrupt Political System

  • ===Represent.Us===
    • Seemingly the most organized and powerful anti-corruption organization. Working in cooperation with Our Revolution. Kentucky Actress Jennifer Lawrence is their spokesperson.

  • ===Revolution Messaging - Daily Action
    • An organization with Local Chapters, downloadable resources, Calls to Action, Calendar of Events, an informative Blog, a list of important Issues, and more. It’s worth a look.

  • Democracy in Action===
    • A good group to help organize and publicize a canvassing.

    • Emphasises the usefulness of the “Listening Canvass”, the goal of which is to let the voter speak about what’s important to them.

  • ===Indivisible
    • People's Action is a new organization of more than a million people in 32 states working to end structural racism and sexism, democratize the economy, and ensure everyone’s voice is heard in our political system.

    • Similar to others in that they support particular Candidates as well as push for Progressive Legislation, but People’s Action also offers training programs for individuals, groups, and small organizations.

    • They also run a regular Blog at

Politically Neutral & Legislative ResourcesEdit

    • Massive resource for statistics on a variety of issues. How does money flow in and out of the government? Who are “The People”? What is the impact of the government? What are the questions to ask?

    • Track all goings-on in Congress, from new builds, schedules, congressmen, statistics, etc. A fantastic tool for researching government and holding lawmakers accountable.

  • ===IssueVoter
    • Follow issues and be alerted when bills are proposed in Congress, as well as submit one's opinion to one's Representative before voting takes place.

    • Both a website and a mobile app that keeps you up to date on current legislation while giving you an opportunity to directly inform your Representatives of your opinion on pending bills and issues.

    • Also allows for conversation among fellow constituents as well as utilizing resources from various advocacy organisations.

    • - Download the mobile APP

  • ===HeadCount
    • Mission Statement: To expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business, and other institutions, using the moral force of investigative journalism to spur reform through the sustained spotlighting of wrongdoing.

    • Represent: Profiles of activity for each Politician

    • Includes a section called “Get Involved” where readers can find resources and contribute to news stories.

  • ===POPVOX
    • Fantastic tool for following legislation, contacting one’s Legislators, finding organizations which share one’s convictions, as well as discovering resources to be help lead one’s own community in political and humanitarian action.

    • A powerful tool to wage issue based campaigns utilising petitions, now with the added feature of optional fundraising attached to the petition.

    • More tools available than just petitions.

  • ===
    • Your Voice In Federal Decision Making

    • Multiple avenues to keep up with, learn about, and have a say in the rules & regulations of several industries & facets of our Country.

  • ===Nextdoor
    • Resources to empower low-income people to bring about positive change in their communities.

    • ===